Christian Dior Resort 2013

It is the latest collection designed by Bill Gaytten before the official home of the new Dior creative director. Appointed some months ago after much anticipation, Raf Simons will be making his solo debut with Haute Couture line.

Gaytten in the latest Dior collection was reported in the bend of the more traditional and ethereal femininity, removing excess decorative Galliano was superimposed on the traditional style of mixing house to his own inspiration.

In the same handbag manufacturing direction is also the line Resort 2013 that chooses to emphasize the female form with life belts and layering, extensive use of chiffon and impalpable fabrics with floral prints and shades minute nude precedence over all in the name of the quest for purity of shapes and colors as a symbol of undying elegance.

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Cuissardes copyright

One of the portraits in the book to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Ellen von Unwerth Casadei

Cuissardes: when fashion becomes a challenge. You have to dare (and afford it) to walk in boots hugging above the knee. Most of the Parisian leather arriving to the thigh, are the classic risqué fashion universe. Poised between refined sensuality and shameless provocation: the two souls of cuissardes, the glamor and the noir by vamp. On stage and on the runways in collections for next winter (view photogallery). Two souls who knew Ellen von Unwerth portrayed to perfection in this picture, contained in the book published to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Casadei.

The fashion house founded in 1958 by Quinto and Flora Casadei has created a true legend of footwear-jewelry, shoes and boots with which women have played to seduce and impress. For this milestone of 50 years, Cesare Casadei has launched a collection of 11 new models made by master craftsmen; portraits by photographer Ellen von Unwerth, handbag manufacturer known for her provocative shots. This series of images has become the third and last part of the book, with interviews and archival materials, covers half a century of history of Italian footwear.

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The fashion show Emporio Armani Men’s A / W 2010-11 live streaming

Giorgio Armani among her models backstage at fashion show of haute couture in Moscow

The frenzy of the last moment, the lights go out and models parading in the spotlight, among the flashing cameras and sguado attention of buyers and fashion editors.

For all the “non-experts”, who can not see it live, birkin bag the fashion show Emporio Armani Men’s A / W 2010-11 landed directly on the web.

Do not be like being at the forefront of frontrow, but the opportunity is missed …

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The photographic work of Karl Lagerfeld show in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld is known as a fashion designer, couture dell’houte undisputed genius, artistic director of Chanel, Fendi and the line is named “Karl Lagerfeld”. But “Kaiser Karl”, as it is nicknamed, in addition to being a designer and art lover said, is also an acclaimed photographer.

That is why the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris, an exhibition dedicated to the best photos shot by Karl Lagerfeld. The retrospective includes photographs taken in the last twenty years: from advertising campaigns for Chanel (which has been artistic director since 1983), hermes bag the photoshoot for the most famous international fashion magazines as well as landscapes and architecture shots until you get the most personal.

“Today photography is part of my life, closes the circle of my professional and artistic concerns. I can not see life without her vision and look at the fashion world and a goal. This allows me to maintain a critical detachment that helps me on my job more than I had suspected, “says Karl Lagerfeld.

A collection accumulated over the years that will be presented from September 15 until October 31, to discover another aspect of the Kaiser of fashion.

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Revolution to the Great Ballet

Tutu hidden under their coats, gloves ending in a stole, trench coats that turn into scarves. And men on the catwalk. A collection which refounded the Haute Couture of this century.

Jean Paul Gaultier is the heir of the great Haute Couture is no longer even news. That every time manages to amaze with its parades, either. This time he gave even more, though. This time for his Gaultier Paris (so called its line of Couture) Gaultier has exceeded the unexpected.

We start from the collection. An inspiration from Grand Ballet, a ballet Excelsior, with sunk in Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and Georges Balanchine and trains up to Rudolf Nureyev and Ludmilla Tcherina, he has served only to give his ideas a form understandable to most. The shape of the tutu short, for example. This is, of tulle under the man’s jacket and trouser suit-fitted of Prince Siegfried, the feathers under the long skirt of her suit Dancers and also even on baschine elongated jackets and knitted scarf draped in a suit. Just as for the long tutus: is entrechats, a gown with rows of black chantilly red fox and mink brown. But this is what might be called a didactic approach.

Gaultier turns away from the Ballet Blanc (one made with tutus) and ventures in the salles de repetition, with references to the suits and leg warmers, and in fact they invented the stole that while end-gloves covering the arm stretch in a stole fourreau draped bustier or a black velvet wrapped a scarf embroidered with coiled jais (called the full Fantôme de l’Opera; Gaultier from each dress has a purely invented). And so you start to tell the story of the ballet costumes for the diDiaghilev choreography of Nijinsky and the gyrations of Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn, the spirals of steps and the mazurka and the Grand Ecarts Révérence.

A collection that contains the constant revolutions made by Yves Saint Laurent Couture, Gaultier’s true master, and that brings the discussion to the need for a vigorous intervention of creative freedom, at least in Haute Couture fashion can give back to the power of interpretation of real game of hyperbole mixed with imaginative people, playing with fabric, scissors, needle and thread, imagine a future certainly more humanly bearable than what you imagine in the closed rooms of the boards.

Even so, the presence of man on the catwalk is not just a joke (see article in the fashion blog). There is every reason why the man who parades through the Gaultier Haute Couture has the same disruptive effect of the decision to abolish the corset Jacques Fath hard for women, hermes crocodile birkin the intuition of Coco Chanel suits to make the jersey and the revolution Saint Laurent’s Nude Look and tuxedo for women.

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Good Trip

Now one hundred years the name of the Greyhound, founded in 1911. And they celebrated with a parade, a party and a performance by Martin Creed at the Castello Sforzesco

When birthdays are important, important celebrations are organized. Trussardi is a historic brand of Made in Italy. Gloves, bags, luggage and all that goes under the name of leather with the symbol of the Greyhound, Italian houses are in a century. Since 1911, indeed, the year of the foundation to Bergamo. The brand is then arrived at the fashion in the early eighties, thanks to the tenacity and vision of the Nicola Trussardi that active and intelligent man, not only has added clothing to leather goods but has tried to create the Italian fashion system that , in those years, was forming itself as an alternative to the system of French fashion.

Nicola Trussardi, first to think that fashion should involve the city to become an integral part not only of business but of the culture of Milan, while thinking that the dress would work as a driving force for the product of his company’s core business, has never Forgot both tradition and technological innovation, combining style and research of new materials in a non-confrontational. That’s why this centenary celebration takes on a meaning for the entrepreneur that he never wanted to call fashion designer who died prematurely in 1999, leaving the company of which he had taken the reins in 1970 in the hands of his wife and children.

With this show for Spring / Summer 2012, then, Trussardi celebrations reach their peak, so that seems consistent choice to parade and celebrate in the center of the Milanese, the Castello Sforzesco transformed into a venue to pull in a space parties and in an environment for the sound performance of the English, who won the Turner Prize, Martin Creed.

Umit Benan Sahi, head of the designer to create Trusardi house, for its part has a fashion collection for a woman’s frequent flyer, always traveling, always ready to move into a lounge lounge with handbag and travel bag. And perhaps for this reason, her clothing is too practical, hermes bags made of pants and jackets that rarely leave the memory in the viewer. Convincing, however, the luggage: Trussardi came directly from the archives on the catwalk the stunning white perforated leather suitcases, those two-tone red with leather belts, the tassel of white. And then you can say bon voyage.

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Alexis Mabille, a sheath dress, a flower just

One of the youngest fashion designers that engages with the French Haute Couture has a whole collection based on classic women’s wardrobe

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2012 Imaxtree

Alexis Mabille, born January 1, 1978 in Lyon, it seems that as a child he enjoyed playing with a needle and thread, so nothing strange that he decided to make a great fashion designer. And its a fashion that he wants to be called “unisex couture” in the sense that the clothes are unisex ago but in the sense that the philosophy behind the clothes for men and women is the same, namely Couture.

Former assistant to Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme jewelry when Slimane was the head of the male line of Dior, later became famous for its distinctive node, a creation that we may, from time to time, transform into detail about a woman’s dress or a male papillon. Haute Couture collection for Spring / Summer 2012, Mabille transforms this “knot” in a giant flower that becomes ornament for the head of a woman fit to be raised on all the pieces of the wardrobe, the suit until the sheath cocktail dress, by evening and formal evening.

Without the common thread in the hat, then, Mabille revive the entire wardrobe of classic femme parisienne, the little black dress, but here it is filling brightly colored, with or without sleeves, low-cut V-neck or rounded, the suit yellow and shiny pants to wear with lace blouse and satin bow tie (which is the node reappear in classical form), up to a thousand variations of the evening dress: bodice which drive down layers of chiffon, a long frock coat with little train , hermes handbag the long look nude chiffon negligee-style, red with ruffles along the shoulder that spiral around the body, until the grand finale of a mariée (the wedding dress always present in the collections of haute couture) satin metallic gold ringing. And so, bright colors such as tablets, gelatin candy aside, nothing is new in this new way of Haute Couture.

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Rose Bag Party Blumarine: VIPs and fashion

Party fashionable Milan for the presentation of the clutch superchic branded Blumarine out this fall. Anna Molinari has designed the event to launch the icon of the house, produced in limited edition.

A parade of celebrities and young girls in search of fame event fashionable Milanese designer Blumarine Rose Bag Party which was held in the bucolic setting of the nursery Riva.

Among the guests present Gianguido Tarabini, birkin handbags son of the hostess, Marta Marzotto, Manuela Arcuri, Catherine Bailiff, Eleonora Pedron, Giorgia Surina, Federica Fontana, Gabriella Pession, Filippa Lagerback, Martina Mondadori and many others.

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Gold, silver and bronze, precious fashion!

Woven with golden, silver silk dresses and accessories in bronze skin. This summer fashion dresses in the colors of precious metals, which can give even the most basic look particularly glamorous touch.

From clothing to custom, birkin bag not to mention shoes and handbags here is a selection of the more cool, combined with simple pieces to create a perfect outfit for every situation.

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Mandarina Duck has a new collection of rigid suitcases DROP

Drop … The new collection of luggage Mandarina Duck has the style of a drop …

Drop as a synonym of sinuous forms, absolute lightness, elegance and dynamism.

Drop the line of suitcases and trolleys refined and essential: the rounded shapes, birkin handbags materials and muted colors create a brilliant product design distinctive and full of personality, suitable for all your needs of modern women and traveler!

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